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The manner in which individuals consume content has evolved, and thus, marketing is changing at an unprecedented pace. From spending an hour browsing a magazine and expending each word and picture, to going through pretty much two seconds for every post on Instagram, individuals’ conduct has changed, and attention has become the focal point of marketing.

The attention economy is quick, flexible, and can be hard for brands based on conventional marketing strategies. How does a brand keep up? How might they interface with individuals when their crowd is so fidgety and short-lived? The appropriate response is direct and precise marketing.

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel, digital marketing strategy aimed at reaching target audiences right where they spend time most- on their devices. Mobile phones are now the most common consumer accessory- everyone has one. And rarely is it not in our hands, or, at the very least, within reaching distance. This is a complete transformation of modern lifestyle. The 3 steps to consider when developing a mobile marketing strategy.

1. Be data-driven According to the Marketing Rule of 7, the average person will see a brand seven times before converting. People are bombarded with ads on all platforms at all times. Consumers have ad fatigue and content-induced lack of focus. It is crucial that brands learn to understand their consumers, both existing and future, and use this data to help inform decisions.

2. Make meaningful contentWith mobile marketing, brands are able to reach audiences across multiple channels, sometimes up to several times in a single day. The Mad Men days are over. Brands need to think in a completely new way about content creation. It’s simply not enough to push high-gloss images with the hope they will connect with consumers. You need to create authentic, relatable content at scale, and on demand. Focus on the why, not the what of your brand. Create bitesized content that can be consumed on-the-go via a mobile phone. Most people skip a YouTube ad as soon as they’re able to, so ensure your message and USPs are clear and present in those first five seconds.

3. Think 360Make sure your mobile marketing strategy has influence on all customer touchpoints, including post-sales communications and community building. Maintain a clear focus on virality, and turn your customers into an extension of your marketing team. Real customers become advocates, sharing your brand with their inner circle who are more likely to listen to someone they know and trust, and, therefore, convert. Brands must prioritize lifetime value (LTV) over customer acquisition cost (CAC).

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Appedia Team


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