Hello! we are Appedia IT Consultancy,

A team of digital product experts focused on delivering rebellious digital stories. With our years of experience in the field, we collaborate with visionary brands to move it forward following a cohesive, customizable and iterative approach.


We are born digital. And with every challenge addressed, we gain new experience that helps with business acceleration.

In Appedia, we deliver digital transformation and technology services enabling clients to skyrocket their growth .


Over the years, what started as
beliefs shaped our core


Turning every challenge into fun time and every fear into a dear friend


We consider your business as ours. And as much as work we work hard for Appedia, we double the effort for your project


We take our projects seriously. However, we believe in the power of parties in changing the world


Technology is hard enough. For both of us. So we try to make your life easier with a communication free of jargons

The essence

Our Philosophy

We believe that freedom is the secret sauce for any recipe. Add freedom to the work environment, you get creative results. Add freedom to your clients projects, you get their respect – and approval.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help more businesses cross the road towards the digital era and capitalize on cutting technologies to accelerate their growth.

Our approach in work


We map features to objectives – not the other way around.


Your thoughts + our experience = well designed solutions.


Your small business, is big business to us since day one.


We don't hide the anything and always sharing the good and bad in our partnership.


We challenge any and all assumptions with data.


Proof of concept → Minimal viable product → Release

Why we should be working together ​

The creators

Our team is our growth strategy. The more we invest in ourselves and careers growth, the more we rip in customer satisfaction. And although we are always busy making the next hit experience, we take BBQ parties seriously. For real.

Are you ready be digitally transformed?